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1950 S Gay Rights Movement

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... defended at all costs (Nash, 81).” In addition to publishing articles expressing his support for the progress of the Soviet Regime, Burnham was also active in the organization of Communist unions in Detroit.
However, by the mid-1950’s Burnham had accepted an editorship at the National Review. Burnham, as George Nash states, had become “the most influential right wing critic of liberal foreign policies after 1945.” Burnham was crucial in “supplying the conservative intellectual ... ... Hayek? Historian Mortimer Smith, reflecting on the international move toward socialism following World War II, comments, “Through the cacophonous chorus of the postwar planners runs one harmonious theme: the individual must surrender more and more of his rights to the state which will in return guarantee him what is euphemistically called security.”
Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom, instantly receiving recognition in Europe, was influential in advancing the conservative cause in the United States. In ...

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