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1990 Dbq Jackson

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... Popular Music of the 1990’s and Beyond.
Popular music from the 1990’s up until today shows a few interesting trends. First, there is the return of the old favorites, such as Kylie Minogue. Secondly there are the newcomers, such as Britney Spears, who have skyrocketed to stardom. And finally there are those who have held on through controversies beyond measure, such as Michael Jackson.
I believe Britney Spears has a very big influence on the “y”-generation. She was a teenager when she started her career. Many 1990’s youngsters therefore identified with her and her lyrics. Lyrics depicting the lovelorn despair of teenage love is an example of such identification. The words “My loneliness is killing me” come to mind. As the artist grew up, she went through issues of change and morality, also depicted in her music.
Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams, from a generation a ...

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