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7 Habits Notes

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... learning theory is its application in understanding the effect of television violence on children and adolescent behavior, on self-control and modeling therapies. Self Control therapy has been successfully used by therapists and individuals to overcome ‘bad’ habits such as smoking, and overeating. The Modeling Therapy is more commonly used; it is based on the theory that, if a patient with a psychological disorder is made to observe a “model” dealing with the same issues ... ... New York: W.H. Freeman.
Boeree, Dr. C. George. (1998). “ALBERT BANDURA (1925 – present)”. [Available online]. Retrieved on April 23, 2003 from http://www.ship.edu/~cgboeree/bandura.html
“Social Learning Theory.” (2000) from Keith Rutledge's notes on Ormond's Psychology of Learning. Available online]. Retrieved on April 23, 2003 from

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