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8th Century Israel

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... Abrahamic origins (all 3 faiths trace their origins to the Biblical Abraham) and several other similarities such as Monotheism (the belief in one God). However, distrust and conflict among the three religions continues even in the 21st century. In this essay we shall briefly examine the historical roots of the conflict, hatred, and war between Jews, Christians, and Muslims.
The oldest religion among the three is Judaism, dating back to more than three thousand years. ... ... previously ruled by Christian Romans and Byzantines and the Christians launched the “crusades” towards the end of the 11th century to regain the “Holy Land” from the Muslims .
The conflict between the Jews and the Muslims (over Israel) is a relatively recent phenomenon. Although there was initial disagreements between the small Jewish tribes in Hejaz (Arabia) and Muhammad when he started preaching Islam, the Jews enjoyed relative freedom under Muslim rule in Babylonia and Palestine ...

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