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20s 30s Legislation

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... fit into this dress. In this particular pattern, you can only wear it if you have a Bust, 34” and hips that were 37”. All of the hips were at least 4” bigger than the bust measurement; the waist was drawn in by way of a belt. Again, no tummy flab allowed in this one. Women began to look thinner and thinner in the 1950s. Most of the women pictured were in their 20s to 30s, the time when a women should marry the man of her dreams, find a house with a little picket fence and put plastic on the furniture to keep off the dust. Magazine images and television promoted the same stereotype. Everyone in the 1950s should strive to be June Cleaver.
“In the 70's, an analysis of Ladies Home Journal, Mc Call's and Good Housekeeping Magazine revealed the dominant messages to be that marriage ...

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