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2500 Word Essay On Hospice

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Studies the origins and implications of the word bitch in the English language.

... terms “harlot” [used for both genders previously], hussy [meaning housekeeper previously] and “mistress” [for authority previously], “bitch” too transitioned only at the level of society where it is accepted to have the desired meaning. For them the word has an informative connotation instead of affective. A “tart” used to mean someone beautiful today has a negative meaning of “loose morals” while “bitch” means someone independent has turned into someone who has a problem with the ... ... large. But one of the main contributing factors is the media. Intervention bodies like the print media and electronic media all has used the word loosely to denote a condition of society. For instance according to the essay, ‘Words With Built In Judgment’, S.I Hayakawa and Alan .R. Hayakawa claim that words that can infer ‘affective and informative’ meanings concurrently hinder fraternizing of sectors already set apart due to racial, social, sexual and cultural ...

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