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3 Wars To Unite Germany

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... who could benefit the Muscovite lands in more ways than one with their skills and knowledge pertaining to lands and its different crops. Thus, at the end of the day it became an even harder assignment to unite a labor force, which can compete with other peasants of some level and standing, let alone retain them for a certain time period.

Enserfing the peasants were not in the minds of the tsars and the landlords ... ... lands back at the mercy of other ones, so as to reconcile the fact that their lands were not lost to the wars from Tsars and landlords. Everyone wanted someone else to pay for the Tsar's wars. Thus, a precedent was set about which used to petition the tsars for their land time and again.

At that time, a boyar-led government became very famous for all the wrong reasons which entailed hard tax ...

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